True Love Week

Valentine’s week is the week of love, and we should celebrate accordingly. Undergraduates for a Better Yale College’s vision of a better Yale would hardly be complete if we petitioned Yale to withdraw its support of Sex Week and did not show Yale a truly awesome alternative. True Love Week, which will take place February 5-14, 2012, will feature fun events, great speakers, engaging student panels, and abundant opportunities to meet and interact with other Yalies and grow in fulfilling friendships.

Great Date Night

How many of us have ever gone on a real date at Yale? Here is your chance, on a Yale-wide Great Date Night, to ask somebody out to a fun evening and get to know them the old-fashioned way. Gentlemen, want to impress a special someone? Buy her some flowers, take her out to dinner, and go for a walk. Ladies, want to deepen that currently superficial friendship with a certain guy? Plan a couple of activities for the evening that you can do together, in which you are both involved, and begin to build a base of shared experiences. Nervous? Well, maybe, but if sex and heavy drinking are left aside for the night, there is at least no reason to be distracted or have ulterior motives. You can simply focus on getting to know the other person. You can also rest assured that other Yalies will be experiencing the same feelings on this campus-wide date night. Even if you never go out for a second time, you will definitely appreciate how fun it was. But as the elegant and intelligent Yale all-star you are, a second date is likely.

Better Yale Dances

Bumping and grinding are not the only types of dancing you have to engage in with somebody you like. Too often, Yale-sponsored dances, like the dismally named “Screws,” miss the point of a blind date as an opportunity to get to know somebody new and possibly–if there’s chemistry–reach something much deeper over time. Most of the time, however, no one is interested in making the dance anything other than a chaotic free-for-all. Join us for Better Yale Dances, which will feature dancing and lessons in styles conducive to genuine, face-to-face interaction (rather than uncomfortable, front-to-back anonymity) between dance partners.

About UBYC

We believe Yale can do better. We exist, therefore, to advocate for a better sexual culture, one grounded in genuine respect and self-giving love; to oppose campus attitudes and events that offer a degrading and trivializing vision of sexuality; and to embody the alternative in our personal lives to the best of our abilities. We stand for a Yale where sexual objectification is unknown, where freshmen are not pressured to accept inebriated hook-ups as the default lifestyle, and where students’ romantic lives teach them to love and respect the whole person, not just the body or particular parts thereof.

We stand, in short, for a better Yale. We challenge you to join us.

Say "No" to Sex Week at Yale

Undergraduates for a Better Yale College is petitioning Yale University to withdraw its support of Sex Week at Yale, which is scheduled to run February 5-14, 2012. To learn more about Sex Week, click here.

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