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The Petition

Convinced that issues of love and sexuality are integral to the human experience, and that both individuals and communities must therefore address them with responsibility, integrity, and respect for the dignity of all human beings;

Convinced that events of the previous year, notably the DKE controversy and the Title IX complaint against Yale University, give evidence that the Yale community suffers from a dysfunctional attitude towards human sexuality;

Convinced that panel discussions by pornographers, sex toy bazaars, masturbation seminars, and how-to oral sex workshops only inflame this attitude by encouraging an unhealthy obsession with physical pleasure;

Convinced, moreover, that such events are contrary to the mission statement of Yale College, which says the College seeks to develop students’ “intellectual, moral, civic, and creative capabilities to the fullest”;

Convinced that endorsement of such events and speakers must ultimately aggravate the problems articulated in the Title IX complaints—rape, sexual harassment, disrespect of women, and tension between the sexes—and, finally;

Convinced that Yale can do better by promoting a healthier, fuller vision of love and intimacy, one that focuses on the whole person and not exclusively on his or her body;

We, the undersigned, humbly petition Yale to withdraw its institutional support of Sex Week at Yale by ceasing to provide classroom space and facilities for Sex Week at Yale events, and to call the Yale community as a whole to a better, more respectful, and more responsible vision of love and intimacy.

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About UBYC

We believe Yale can do better. We exist, therefore, to advocate for a better sexual culture, one grounded in genuine respect and self-giving love; to oppose campus attitudes and events that offer a degrading and trivializing vision of sexuality; and to embody the alternative in our personal lives to the best of our abilities. We stand for a Yale where sexual objectification is unknown, where freshmen are not pressured to accept inebriated hook-ups as the default lifestyle, and where students’ romantic lives teach them to love and respect the whole person, not just the body or particular parts thereof.

We stand, in short, for a better Yale. We challenge you to join us.

Say "No" to Sex Week at Yale

Undergraduates for a Better Yale College is petitioning Yale University to withdraw its support of Sex Week at Yale, which is scheduled to run February 5-14, 2012. To learn more about Sex Week, click here.

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